At our meeting last week we agreed that the group needs to work around a clear value proposition for both individuals participating and the business.
My starter for ten is as follows:
1. What’s in it for you? The chance to exchange ideas, views and information with like-minded (and a few unlike-minded but equally enthused) individuals. The buzz you get from doing something new and different. Ultimately, if this work leads to new/different ways of doing things, the recognition that you contributed to something significant and worthwhile. Ultimately, the real reason for being involved is if you’re interested, engaged in and motivated by the subject to want to know more.
2. What’s in it for the company? The creation of new products and services. Innovation without over-engineering. Knowledge contagion – if it catches on with this why shouldn’t it catch on with other subjects? The motivation of the people who take part. Marketing opportunities – the creation of Communities of Practice around our core content area of internal communication.
Let’s play around with this but I think if we have a set of objectives such as these we can measure our progress against them.