1. We reviewed the value proposition
2. We reviewed the ‘ten traits’
3. We fed back our thoughts on the weblog so far:
Nick – his job is quite fragmented so this kind of knowledge sharing is not ‘natural’ to him. He has also struggled a bit with the new technology
Lindsay/Anu – Use it as a diary, rarely go into the website itself. Anu mentioned that there are other methods of viewing entries (via Outlook, Feed demon)
ALL: Each to look at a different news feed and report back on ease of use at next meeting
Nick to trial Outlook news feed
Lindsay to continue with weblog
Anu to trial feed demon
ALL: To continue to review “ten traits” at CoPs meetings
ALL: Speak to others to see if they would be interested in being involved with this weblog
Nick – Brendan (Internal)
Lindsay – Neil Munn (Knowledge Manager, CSTIM)
Anu – Matt Stephenson (Internal)
ALL: We agreed it was too early for a client measure
ALL: We agreed that we could act as a catalyst for other groups keen to set up Cops
ANU/NICK: To look at setting up a weblog for a client (e.g. HBOS)
ANU/NICK: Prepare article on CoPs/Weblogs/Social Networking for SCM. Anu to draft, Nick to speak to Mandy Thatcher who edits SCM.
NICK: Update value proposition and pick out key success measures. Clarify roles. Add ‘sharing knowledge’ and ‘acting as a role model for the rest of Mercer’ to it.
ANU: To set up a brief ‘training’ session on the weblog with Lindsay and Nick