Nick T had to scoot off to a client meeting so Anu and I got together to discuss:
1. What the product/service should be that we are looking to develop in this area and how to move this forward
2. What do we need to do to be able to write an article for SCM about this subject – given that they are interested in what we have to say?

Progress with weblog
– LP was concerned that contributions to the weblog had dried up a little and that none of the new members had contributed to date. AG stated that it is perfectly normal for a CoP to have quiet periods and that we should ensure we continue to add valuable content on as regular basis as possible
ACTION: ALL to circulate request to new members to add on a short intro to themselves on the weblog
ACTION: Anu to circulate reading materials to LP/NT. ALL to summarise key/interesting points in at least one article by the end Feb and submit to site.

– It is a bit too early to be able to start developing a product or service offering in this area – we felt we did not know enough about this topic at this stage.
– Are we selling the concept, the technology, or a combo of the two?
– AG clarified to LP the difference between Social Networking and CoPs as she was unclear about this. Conclusion that CoPs = group of individuals with similar interests coming together to share ideas/experience. Social Networking = wider connections being made between individuals that would not otherwise happen (e.g. members tell their friends so friends join weblog thus creating wider connections etc. etc.) Difficult to explain without a diagram and on a Friday afternoon!
– We could offer social networking as part of a Comms audit – we could discover where good/poor communications channels lie within a company and the company could cut down on costs by only needing to communicate with individuals who they know will ‘spread the word’.
Article for SCM magazine
– Again, not sure whether we know enough about this topic BUT we could write a case study on our experience with this CoP – what worked, what didn’t etc.