Piers Young at monkeymagic

I’m beginning to get a little weary of the top-down vs bottom-up divide. It’s a small point, but isn’t the real paydirt what you might call the side-to-side?

My italics and bold..but what an important point. There is a lot of focus on point-source blogs – where often a single blog is used as a communication channel, allowing, for example, a CEO to “connect” with employees, and to get some real and direct feedback.

Yeah – that’s interesting, and for some companies it’s even a breakthrough – and I’m speaking from my own consulting experience here with some recent work. But, and here’s the point that needs to be emphasized – the CEO blog should be the thin end of the wedge, not the end-goal. Getting senior members of the company blogging should result in more understanding and adoption of blogging, with the aim of creating an internal blogosphere. Why is that good ? Because that’s when you start to reap the benefits of being
able to aggregate, tag, subscribe, connect, datamine, and share all that information (sometimes known as knowledge) – and not in a formally mandated (“here’s your KM template form to fill in to share knowledge”) way.

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