I’ve previously blogged about Quicksilver equivalents for Windows, and came to the conclusion that Launchy would probably do everything an “average” user needed.
4 months later, I can confirm this to be true. I’ve got Launchy installed on every Windows PC I use, and what a time/life saver it is – no more digging through multiple nested menu options, trying to remember whether I’d classified a program as a utility, or an accessory, or a development tool, or maybe it’s just in one of those 30 new folders created since I last cleaned up my Start Menu navigation structure. Nope, that’s not how I play these days…Ctrl-space, type a couple of letters, arrow down or return, and that’s your application launched.
It’s so useful, and has saved me so much time I’ve even ponied up and donated to the author. Oh – and the source code is available as well.
A great example, from real life, of the limitations of a hierarchical classification system, with its rigid insistence on single dimension classification.
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