In my continuing quest to ensure that my environment is replicated as easily as possible to any machine I’m using, here’s a nice idea:

Even better was a pointer to the version. I loves me some portable apps. Why? Cause I throw all portable programs on a FolderShare folder and use Launchy to launch them. No start menu clutter, no installation, and my applications roam to all my PCees. Sweet.

Omar Shahine – Portable FileZilla

Definitely a good solution – I like the use of Launchy (which allows you to specify folders outside of the Start Menu structure to index, and if they contain apps, they become part of the index) to ensure there’s no Start Menu clutter.
Bit of a shame that FolderShare only allows one folder (and its subfolders) to be automatically synced – so that instead of picking and choosing from your existing folder structure, you have to change the way you work and create a “Foldershare” folder, or something like that.
I know, moan moan. And while I’m moaning, where on earth is Google Notebook‘s “post to blog” feature ?
[Update] Actually Foldershare can allow up to 10 “libraries” – a folder and its subfolders – to be synched. So, that’s even better – although I think the UI on the website needs a lot of work – I don’t think it’s the most intuitive it could be.
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