Phil Linden – CEO (or should that be EarthFather) of Linden Labs, developers of Second Life posts the first page of the Linden Labs employee handbook: the Tao of Linden on his blog.
Interesting reading – choose what you want to work on, be incredibly transparent, weekly progress, no politics. All sounds good, and is what I was going to point to initially. But..there’s more…
Unfortunately, Second Life is running massively unstable at the moment after the most recent set of updates. So, a couple of SL power users have weighed in on the comments telling Philip that his employees may be happy, but his customers aren’t – with plenty of detail. The recurring theme seems to be: if employees can choose what they want to work on, they will add features, rather than fix bugs – and that’s certainly something I thought when I read the post…there are *always* unpleasant jobs, and if there’s no pressure, who’s going to volunteer – especially when the guy next to you has decided to work on “fun” stuff.
I did login a couple of times last week and found SL nearly unusable in certain sims, so haven’t logged back in since. I’ve been on SL for a couple of years, but my RL isn’t dependent on my SL 😉 so not a huge problem for me. It’ll be interesting to see what the response is from Linden Labs, a standout example of how the new world is going to operate.