Got a preview invite for Vox, and spent 10 minutes or so playing with it yesterday. Vox is SixApart’s community oriented blogging platform – think Yahoo 360 / MSN Spaces / MySpace rather than Typepad or Movable Type.
To be honest, I’m not really sure I’m in the target demographic, but I can see the value in aggregating posts, comments and other content from your community or neighbourhood. Vox seems to have most of the expected functionality – flickr, amazon, youtube integration (although it would be good to see other sites such as and being slotted in).
But I don’t think that functionality (beyond a base level which Vox reaches) is necessarily a key predictor for success – it’s more about your network (“friends” in old-skool slang) – getting them onto the same platform, and actively participating (or at least reading) is key.
Crowded space, with most of the major players having an offering. But, as with the instant messaging space, none of them really work with each other – I’m wondering if there’s an opportunity for someone to create (and excuse the clumsy / incorrect terminology) a “meta-community” site that glue the various platforms together and show an aggregated view of one’s community across the different platforms ?
[PS – I seem to have some invites – does anyone who knows me / reads this blog want one ? Let me know.]
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