Ray Lane:

The bright guy in product design, triple degree from the best university, is going to expect, at 25 years of age, to see this technology in place. And if he’s told, “Well, you gotta use Windows, you can’t use blogs or wikis or instant messaging any of that stuff,” he’ll say, “Well, why do I want to work here?” Young people are not going to go where these tools are restricted.

Now, I’m not particularly cool, nor am I young anymore. But I totally agree – and it’s one of the reasons (but not the only one, or even the main one) why I’ve resigned from my current job, and will soon be moving to pastures new.

PS – this isn’t a dig (well, not a bitter and serious one !) against my current company, as they’re by no means the only company doing this, or even the worst – just a recognition that for many people, environment (social, physical, virtual) is important, and also that even though some of these tools can be regarded as social (instant messaging is something that springs to mind), the boundaries between social and business are fuzzy. Some of my friends are potential collaborators, clients or suppliers. Some are just friends. But if a company has no problem with asking an employee to work late, or read a proposal over a weekend, how can that company turn around and hinder social contacts during work hours ?

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