Mikel Maron posts about Kiva, a site that allows microloans (and aggregated microloans) to entrepeneurs in developing countries.

Seems like an excellent idea, and it coincides with my reading of the quite excellent State of Africa: A History of Fifty Years of Independence. I have no special insight into the plight, and I think it is a plight, of the various countries that make up Africa, but it’s certainly depressing, and shocking, to read through the litany of tragedies and disasters that have affected the continent.

So, I’m going to sign up – I share some of Mikel’s questions, especially whether this is actually a beneficial thing to do. But I’m going to sign up, even if it’s a just a salve for my conscience.

[Update – done. 2 small loans, to: Daouda Mbaye and Rosa Akiteng]

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