Well, I’m feeling slightly broken – some kind of virus/fluey thing that won’t quite go away, but far more importantly, the hard disk in my mac mini is making clicking sounds of death, and the mac itself is refusing to boot.
Now, I’m an old hand at hard disk failures, having replaced 5 or so in the last 3 years (2 in my Sky+ box), 1 in main server, 1 in desktop, 1 in MC’s PC. Seems like a lot doesn’t it – is that really normal ?
Anyway – I’ve splashed out on a decent storage solution – the Buffalo Terastation – a NAS box with 1 Terabyte of disky goodness. Configured as RAID-5, it comes down to 750GB, but it’s still lovely, and makes me feel slightly less paranoid about data loss. I’m also going to sign up for a Carbonite account, and that should mean that our data is secure. So far the Terastation has proved to be easy as pie to setup, although I haven’t spent a huge amount of time setting up groups and access etc. And we all like pie. And yes, I know I could have put a bunch of disks into an old PC and saved a ton of money, but I would have had to put up with the noise my old server makes (think your mum’s old vacuum cleaner) and the fear of trusting data to a machine that is on its last legs.
But, back to the main story – does anyone know if there are any special requirements for replacement mac mini hard disks ? A quick bit of googling didn’t turn up much, and there’s no way I’m giving Apple £50 (or whatever it is) to fit one, so if anyone does know, pop a comment.
[Update – hmm..looks as if Carbonite doesn’t backup mapped network drives…which means I can’t use it in conjunction with the Terastation…ho hum..the search continues]
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