As I try and shake off another annoying illness (which meant I couldn’t meet up with Neville Hobson and a bunch of London bloggers this evening), I decided to make a little tweak to a useful Greasemonkey script that adds a ‘post to’ link to each post in bloglines to allow posting to cogenz, an ‘inside the firewall’ social bookmarking solution.
It was a simple tweak, and adds a ‘post to cogenz’ link under every post you read in bloglines, as can be seen in this little screen-clipping.

Simple enough to do, pretty much a search and replace operation.
[UPDATE – you will need to edit line 48 and replace headshift with the name of your cogenz install. Right-click the greasemonkey icon, choose ‘Manage User Scripts’ and then ‘Edit’]
Anyway, for those of you who use cogenz and bloglines, here’s the script:Bloglines to cogenz script for Greasemonkey.
Enjoy !
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