Well, the last 3 or 4 months have just whizzed by in a bizarre blur. Illness, lots of work, travel, Twitter, and a loss of my blogging voice have conspired to keep this blog empty of all but the odd link from del.icio.us, and no matter what anyone says, and even if I do try and add quick one line descriptions (a la Tom Coates), automatically posting del.icio.us links is not really blogging.

Anyway, I’m back, although still struggling to find anything really interesting to blog about – I wonder if my blogging spark is slowly fading away. I get sequentially (and sometimes simultaneously) inspired by and infuriated with the blogosphere, and especially irritated with the host of expert Web2.0 and Enterprise2.0 commentators that have suddenly sprung up around the fringes, with seemingly little experience but lots to say. One thing I have realised in my few months at Headshift, is that we’re all still learning here, trying to make sense of these tools and how they can help shift from centralised to more distributed cultures, and help harness the inherent collective intelligence that is present in most organisations. There is no one solution to rule them all (and that road leads to the dark side of enterprise CRMs and ERPs), and we have to always pay attention to the most important ingredient in these systems, and that’s the people.

Right..more regular posting for a while for sure. It feels good to be back !

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