Hmm…just as I’m about to buy my own Macbook, a lazy Sunday trawl through the interwebs shows some rumours of a new thinner, shinier Macbook that may or may not be announced sometime in the near future, or next year, or never.

Now normally I’m pragmatic about this kind of stuff and generally resistant to buyer’s remorse. If the only change was a faster processor or more hard disk, then I wouldn’t have a problem, but boy would I be completely gutted if I bought a Macbook next week and watch Apple launch a complete replacement.

The problem is, of course not helped by the fact that I’m currently without a laptop (well a proper one – I’ve got a 5 year old Dell ultraportable that only works when plugged into the mains, but that doesn’t really count).

So, really struggling with what to do – probably wait until OS X 10.5 (leopard) is released and see if anything is announced.

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