The days and weeks since leaving Headshift have been a bit of a blur. I took a week off and did very little except watch the Twenty-20 World Cup, read feeds, drink tea and ponder my forthcoming attempt to take over the world.
After that, it’s been all action – much of which has been all the various things one needs to get sorted to enter the world of the self-employed – bank accounts, VAT registration, choosing a trading name from the small portfolio of catchy domain names I’ve built up, buying Moo cards, reading though a book on tax (more fun than it sounded !), catching up on some long overdue tech immersion (Movable Type 4, WP2.3, backups to Amazon’s cloud, etc) and thinking about the kind of things I want to do.
The thing is, I enjoy so many aspects of this industry (where this industry = Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0, blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, tagging, intranets, information architecture, social networks [and analysis], user centred design, linux, OS X, Windows XP and Vista, command line systems administration, mashups…you get the picture) that it’s hard thinking about narrowing down my focus.
And I guess I realised what I already knew – I’m best at being a generalist and having fingers in many pies, some of which may well be a little bit too hot and end up burning me. But that’s ok – failure is ok if you’ve tried your best, and you learn from it.
I’ve met many many people in the last 10 years who are excellent at what they do, but who have a very narrow focus and steadfastly refuse to lift their heads up and look outside their valley – ‘not my problem, get <insert name of different specialist here> to look at it’.
I can’t do that – I find being constricted an uncomfortable experience – and it quickly bores me.
All this to say that although my main tag line may say social software and intranet consultant, I’ll be looking to do more than just that – whether it be some simple sysadmin for a client I’m already doing work for, or some card sorting and analysis, or providing strategic advice on developing an social infrastructure within an organisation. So -if you need someone smart, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and committed – get in touch !
Oh – hello, by the way. Welcome to my new site. my new business, and the first post. I’ve been blogging for many years over at scale|free, but I’ll be spending more time here from now on. I’ll mainly blog about professional stuff that interests me, as well as some of the things someone starting up in the UK should know about.
It’s all very exciting !