I started this post over a year and a half ago, and it’s languished as a draft in 3 different pieces of software (LiveWriter, WordPress and Movable Type), but today feels like a very good day to dust off the cobwebs and unleash it onto the world. (Although, actually, I only got one line into it before saving it as a draft…). Anyway, without further ado, the post – such as it was !

JP Ragaswami points to Tara Hunt talking about aggregating her bits and pieces strewn over the web.

So – why post now ? Well – in the last year and a half, many personal aggregation / lifestreaming services have sprung up, but today (and the reason I’ve finally gotten round to doing something with this post), SixApart released Action Streams – a quite excellent personal aggregation plugin for Movable Type 4. Byrne Reese also blogged about it over on majordojo.

Installing the plugin adds a simple interface for adding your activity from other sites, with prebuilt support for the most popular. It’s a relatively straightforward process, although the template changes might put off people with no experience of MT, but 10 minutes of template changes was all it took for me to get my lifestream on this site – check it out here. You do need to be able to run a scheduled task to get it to update – but that shouldn’t be an issue for any decent host.

Pretty simple, and plays nicely with the Universal Template Set. There’s some good stuff coming out of  SixApart right now, and it feels like MT is on a bit of a roll.