In last year’s April blog post, I spread tidings of a redesigned website and promised that I might be blogging more often.

However, nobody was fooled by that and nearly a year later, I’m here to try again. Yes, the site’s been redesigned again,  once again taking its design cues from the previous year’s (or the year before that) hot design trends. I look forward to once again spending the next twelve months watching it date horribly with every day that passes.

However, on a brighter note, i’m very happy with how it’s been built. It was thrown together in a weekend, using a new theme foundation we’ve been working on, and which attempts to add an  MVC layer on top of WordPress. Integrating in a set of amazing plugins, it will allow us to deliver very feature rich sites more quickly, and also allow the client a huge amount of control over the look and feel of their pages.

I’m also reasonably content with our tooling – we’ve got a nice Vagrant based development environment set up, based on WP Vagrant, a Vagrant configuration for WordPress that I put together last year. We’ve settled on Zurb Foundation for our front end needs, and PhpStorm as the IDE. BitBucket or GitLab as our remote git server, and Capistrano for deployment.

Also, beefing up the infrastructure, last month, I set up a 32GB bare metal server from Hetzner as an OpenVZ and KVM server, which allows us to create our own VPSs and host what we want on them. So, this site is now being served up from a VPS I’ve allocated 8GB to, while my staging servers can be completely isolated if necessary.

I’ve been wanting to talk more about our tooling, infrastructure, and devops practices ( a nice grand name for a bunch of scripts), and I’m going to get prodded to do that hopefully. Anyway, welcome to the new site. I’m quite happy with it.