I’m still alive

December 4, 2003
By anu

Just to let you know that I am still alive and haven’t disappeared off to the great Community of Practice in the sky. I must admit that I am still…

CoPs Meeting Agenda

December 2, 2003
By anu

Friday 5th December 2pm-3pm Comms Pod My suggestions for our agenda: 1. Thoughts/progress to date (incl. actions from first mtg) 2. The Ten Traits 3. Value Proposition 4. Widening the…

A Useful Event?

December 2, 2003
By anu

“85% of knowledge workers will be using collaborative tools by 2006” (Source: Meta Group) Can you afford NOT to collaborate? ——————————————————————————– Building and Sustaining a Collaborative Working Environment Learn how…

KM via blogging

December 1, 2003
By anu

eWeek has a great interview with John Patrick, ex VP of internet technology at IBM. He discusses enterprise weblogging and how it relates to KM. Patrick emphasises the difference between…

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