Headshift – what are we about ?

September 26, 2006
By anu

Missed this the first time around – a podcasted interview from ETech with Lee Bryant talking about some of the philosophy of the Headshift approach. Good stuff. [tags]headshift, podcast, social[/tags]

Workshop in Barcelona

September 25, 2006
By anu

I’m running a workshop this Friday morning in Barcelona on how technology – social media – can transform internal communications. All part of a conference being put on by the…

Testing Live Writer and Maps

September 17, 2006
By anu

Integrated with Windows Live MapsĀ – nice..although it would be better with directions. Let’s see whether you can play with the map in place once posted. [tags]test, livewriter, maps[/tags]

The Design Process

September 15, 2006
By anu

I’m glad it’s not just me – Jeffrey Veen on his design process. And I sort of realized that I do design that way. I build up a tremendous amount…

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